When there is an opportunity to learn something DO IT NOW it could improve your life.

I am almost finished with “Smarter Faster Better” by Charles Duhigg


I checked this out of my library. I requested it when it was on order so I am the first to get it. Because it is new and popular I can’t renew it. I was reading it steadily the first week and I was halfway through then my baby pulled out the bookmark and I set it to the side rather than find my place and finish. Yesterday I realized it is due today. My choices were attempt to finish it or return it and wait for it to come around again in who knows how many weeks from now.

For some reason I knew the information in here was important and if I had all of that information now I could use it now rather than some nebulous time in the future. This could make a difference in my life if I were to use the information now rather than wait when I could read it later. That is a significant chunk of my life. I make goals around the 12 week year.

I am glad I made it through. I am in the appendix “A Reader’s Guide to Using These Ideas.” The author Charles Duhigg introduced in the beginning that he got the idea for this book while working on “The Power of Habit” ( I reviewed here momtoagenius.wordpress.com/2014/12/04/the-power-of-habit-and-qbq ) Anyway in the end he mentioned how he was talking to his editor about being discouraged about his lack of productivity in writing this book. The editor said he needed to apply to his life what he wanted to write about. So the Appendix details how he used the info in this book to write this book.

The chapters are about:

  • Motivation (how to use the Locus of Control)
  • Teams (what Psychological Safety is and how to implement it)
  • Focus (the importance of Mental Models)
  • Goal Setting (SMART and Stretch goals)
    • In this chapter I was reminded of an episode of Bill Nye about buoyancy “How long does something float?” “Something floats until it sinks” A management tool works until it doesn’t anymore.
  • Managing Others
  • Decision Making (Bayesian Psychology and thinking probabilistically )
  • Innovation (Idea Brokers applying something that work in one area to another area)
  • Absorbing Data (limiting choices to promote action and learning by using dysfluency)

It is my hope that I can apply what is in this book to improve my productivity at producing this blog and come back and tell you more about the ideas listed above.

I like to have the book in hand when I write about it but I have to return it first thing tomorrow (before the library opens to avoid a fine and give the next person the opportunity to read it.)