Our family went camping this past the weekend of Valentines Day.

We spent the whole weekend outside. I noticed the temperature go from cold at night and in the early morning to warm at mid day. I started off with leggins under my pants and a T-shirt and 2 sweaters. As the day wore on I had to remove layers then put them back on as the evening came.

When I leave the house at the same time every day to pick up Katie from Pre-School I don’t notice the temperature change that much. It may be a few degrees cooler or warmer one day to the next but I never really noticed the great change from night to day and even in one whole day.

After spending all that time outside what I appreciate the most is my bed. It had been years since I had been camping and I don’t remember sleeping on the ground being that painful. The 2nd night I ended up going to the car around 2 or 3 in the morning and sleeping in there.

Luna was most amazed but the stars the first night. The sky was clear and with no city lights you can always see so many more stars. This was the first time she had experienced that.

My kids all had fun and we talked about the experience afterward. Katie loved cooking a hotdog over a fire and watching movies on daddy’s phone after Luna and I went to sleep in the tent. This was news to me. That wasn’t even a possibility the last time I went camping.

We are looking forward to doing it again. Hopefully when the nights aren’t so cold. Joe says we can get pool lounging floats to put under our sleeping bags they take less space and are better than air mattresses.

I meant to write about this right away when we got back.  I guess it has only been 3 weeks but it seems so long ago already. I wonder what more I would have had to say if I had blogged when it was fresher.

What are your experiences camping with your kids? If you haven’t done it make a plan to do it this summer.