I am not talking about getting in if you never finished High School and I am not talking about getting a GED because you don’t want to finish High School.

I am talking about getting into College if you are pre-pubescent and want to jump to the level for you.

All you have to do is get the equivalent of 13 credit hours through college level tests that can be accepted as credit.

CLEP, ACE, AP, DTTS (DANTES) are the ones I know about.

If you do that you are in, it doesn’t matter if you are 9 years old.

My Luna will be 8 tomorrow and we just set our a 2-1/2 year plan to get her into college.

She will do Rosetta Stone Spanish 2 lessons a day mostly without fail for the next 2.5 years and then take the test. The foreign language gives you 6 to 12 credit hours.

Starting in the fall we have a 2 year plan to get her ready for the AP biology test 3 more credit.

She will learn everything through Pre-Calculus in the next 2.5 years getting High School credit for 3 math classes a year. Her main sourse for this will be Khan Academy (FREE). Then register for ACE (FREE) and sign up for 1 month of ALEKS ($20 for 1 month) then take the tests there send the results to ACE take the next test. Nine credits can be achieved in the one month membership time.

Then at 10 and a half she can start taking college classes online or locally with me as a chaperon and getting credit.

I find this a bit overwhelming and I have nobody to talk to that understands the significance of this or what this means to deal with a child like this.