I started this post when I had one week left in my 12 week year. I have it set up in my google calendar to send a reminder to my phone every week telling me how many weeks I have left. This is not stressful thinking, “Oh no, I only have so many weeks left to work on my goal.” Instead, it is rather enjoyable. I know how much time is left until the days will start getting shorter. Here in Florida that is a welcome change.

I have continued running to the best of my ability but I am still not able to run a full mile. I have read several books on running. I learned quite a bit. I found out that I have made many of the mistakes that new runners make. Luckily I understand these mistakes and they aren’t going to make me quit as, unfortunately, a lot of new runners do.

I sprained a ligament in my knee, which is better now. I can run again but it bothers me sometimes. I also ran too fast. I only thought there was 1 speed run as fast as you can or you are not running. I can now vary my speed. I learned that I can run for longer if If I run as slow as possible. So I am still going to work on my running but I am not in a hurry to finish a specific goal in a period.

One day I told Luna I was determined to run for 10 minutes no matter how long it took me. Which I think sounds humorous and she thought sounded crazy. I warmed up by walking then ran for a minute, then walked for 30 seconds, then ran another minute, and alternated, but the walk breaks kept getting longer upwards of 3 minutes. I think it took me close to half an hour but I did run for 10 minutes all together that day.

I have adjusted my time for run/walking to be in the morning before the sun rises over the trees and houses, where it still light outside but the streets do not have the sun beating down on them. This means that every day I have to go outside a little bit earlier but it is so peaceful and my favorite part of the day. On days when I don’t feel like running I just go outside and walk and enjoy the nature.

I just finished reading “Brain Maker” by Doctor Perlmutter. This is his sequel to “Grain Brain” this book is about our gut bacteria the microbiome. As a result of reading this book I have start to drinking kefir daily. I have also tried kombucha I really like kombucha but at about $3.50 for a one serving bottle it is a once in a while luxury.

Dr. Perlmutter is book recommends making your own probiotic foods this seems very daunting at first but is going to be the goal of my next 12 weeks year not to make everything he suggest but to at least make three of the things he suggest start from there.

My dad recently visited and I told him about it and he cleverly said “It sounds like a lot to digest.”

Well yesterday, the summer solstice, was the last day of my 12 week year and this week I need to specify specifically what my goals are for the next period. Hopefully I can do a better job of posting more timely.